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“You think it… we’ll shrink it”


All shrink wrapping related training is now available through our new consulting service:

For Marine, Manufacturing & Industry:

Whether or not your company already performs in house shrink wrap installation, we can help to train your staff by offering on site training consultation where we can demonstrate the proper selection and use of equipment and materials and provide your staff with  hands-on instruction that will introduce them to shrink wrapping or reinforce proper technique to standardize the process for your company.  

            Because there is no nationally recognized shrink wrap certification requirement we’ve worked over the past decade to develop a comprehensive safety training program that can be used as a guide for training staff in best management practices.  Our main focus has been in the marine field, but the basic safety principles and techniques may be applied to a number of industries.

An initial investment in installation equipment and supplies along with training in the proper techniques will yield almost immediate results for your company in controlling costs, quality, and efficiency in covering high cost items.


Shrink Wrapping Safety Training

If You Have A Project You Would Like To Contact Us About Please Send Us An E-mail with details to:

Please provide as much detail as possible such as scope of the project, location, anticipated date of need for service, photographs, and dimensions that are as accurate as possible.

You may also contact us at 401-439-6910 (non-marine only)