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We thank you for your continued business and appreciate your working with us for the upcoming shrink wrapping season.  If you missed our annual shrink wrapping information e-mail, we always send it out on the Tuesday following Labor Day so be sure to check your spam folder.  The e-mail will alert you to any changes in pricing or to other policies that may have been implemented since the previous year.  If you’ve either upgraded or downsized your boat, please e-mail us before completing a contract so we can provide pricing and procedural details that may change as a result.

As always, we need a new shrink wrap contract each year for our records and for insurance purposes so we ask that you read thoroughly before submitting as we may change variables from year to year.

Once we receive a completed contract, we’ll e-mail you to acknowledge receipt of the contract and then you will receive an invoice via PayPal based on your selection of paying either the deposit amount or the discounted full pre-payment.

After payment is received, if you have indicated a desired service date on the contract, we’ll do our best to put you on the schedule for that particular date but as always, we’ll ask you to e-mail us when the boat is actually ready for shrink wrapping because delays in haul out or winterizing are common during the busy fall season.  Sometimes we are delayed due to inclement weather and simply due to the heavy work load so we ask for your patience as we work to provide you with a quality shrink wrap installation to keep your boat protected through the winter season.  If you are a returning customer, I appreciate that you’ve trusted my judgment when working through the schedule and some years our service may be more prompt than others and those variables are usually out of our control as they are typically weather related.   

Once we have completed the shrink wrapping of your boat we’ll notify you by e-mail.

Thank you again for continuing to work with us!

E-Mail with questions (Please DO NOT call our cell for boat information)

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