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If you have not used us for boat shrink wrapping service in the past, I thank you for considering us and hope we have the opportunity to work with you.  We’ve attempted to provide as much information as possible on our website and ask that you review the information and e-mail us if you need more details or clarification.  We specialize in boats over 30’ in length because we have a limited timeframe in the fall and also have a limited number of openings in our schedule because we thankfully have a large base of repeat customers and hopefully you’ll become one of them.

If you have worked with other shrink wrapping companies, have done research on the many folks advertising their shrink wrapping services, or have not had any experience with shrink wrapping, I will be glad to answer any questions you have via e-mail as it is the easiest way to provide information during the busy fall season.

When selecting a company to shrink wrap your boat for winter storage, there are many variables to consider.  Since 2004 we have a track record of providing a very high quality shrink wrapping service with a focus on customer service and accountability.  We do not compete on price as many shrink wrap installers do in an attempt to attract customers.  We believe that our pricing structure is reflective of the service and quality shrink wrap cover that you will receive from us.  We are insured and will provide documentation to your marina or boatyard prior to arriving to shrink wrap your boat.

The steps you need to take to contract with us to shrink wrap your boat are as follows:

1)  Information: Review the information contained here on our website, including our Shrink Wrapping Contract that you can read before completing, our Shrink Wrapping Terms and Conditions, and our Boat Shrink Wrapping FAQ’s which can help you better understand the process.  You can also look at our Pricing Structure which you can e-mail us about if you want a specific quote for your boat.  Please provide Length Overall in feet, Make and Model, and location.  If your boat is over 50’ a photo would also be helpful.  Be sure your marina will allow you to hire us before contracting with us.  We DO NOT pay fees to marinas to shrink wrap your boat.  You need to arrange in advance with your marina and find out what their policy is.

2)  Contract: Once you’ve submitted a contract, we will e-mail you to confirm receipt of the contract and go over any details that may require clarification.  On your contract, you have the option of selecting a desired service date.  Typically we will put you on the schedule on or around the specified date, but we cannot guarantee that date of service due to heavy work load and delays due to weather or the haul out/winterizing schedule at your marina.  We always ask that you e-mail us when the boat is ready and we can then give you an estimated service date.  We ask for your patience though as we always try to provide the highest quality shrink wrap cover for your boat.  We typically complete all projects within a week of the targeted service date and we will e-mail you once the shrink wrapping is complete.

3)  Payment: You will have the option of paying a deposit amount or pay the entire amount in advance at a discounted price.  We do not do any billing so all payment is due upon completion of the installation.  We send our invoices via PayPal and you’ll have the option of paying by major credit card via secure interface, or you may pay by PayPal account.  If you wish to pay by check, full payment must be received prior to scheduling service.  If you choose not to use us once you’ve made a payment, the full amount will be refunded up to 48 hours from the service date, after which we will retain the deposit amount and refund the balance.

We thank you for your interest in working with us and look forward to being your shrink wrapping service provider for years to come!

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