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New England Shrinkwrap

Industrial Shrink Wrapping Service

“You think it… we’ll shrink it”


How can New England Shrinkwrap’s professional shrink wrap installation services help you?  Click the link below that best describes your shrink wrap project to learn more.

Machinery & Equipment For Storage Or Transport

Structures Damaged By Natural Disaster, Fire, etc.

Shrink Wrap A Construction Work Site (Scaffold Systems, etc.)

Shrink Wrap For Hazardous Material Containment (Lead/Asbestos Abatement)

Why use shrink wrap to cover your high cost item?

Shrink wrap offers weather tight, durable, custom fitted, economical, quick, and 100% recyclable protection for high cost items that are being transported or stored for long or short periods of time.  Shrink wrap can also provide a Class 1 containment for remediation and demolition purposes and can also provide a more weather tight containment for construction sites than alternative methods.

Click Here if you would like us to provide a price estimate for your shrink wrap project and please keep in mind that the more detail you send us about your project the more quickly and accurately we can provide you with a price estimate.

There are many factors to consider when calculating a price estimate for a shrink wrap cover.  The preparation involved, equipment necessary to access the site, type of material best suited to construct the cover, and many other variables need to be carefully considered to determine the best method for protecting your project.

Please e-mail us with a description of the project and provide as much detail as possible. By including accurate measurements and dimensions along with any diagrams, prints, or photographs you may have as well as a description of the purpose and anticipated life of the cover and we will be happy to work with you to provide you with an accurate and timely estimate.

Industries Benefiting From Our Shrink Wrapping Service