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New England Shrinkwrap

Taunton, MA

Phone: 401-439-6910 (Non-Marine ONLY Please)  


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  Boat Shrink Wrap Terms & Conditions

Updated 08/18/15

“Service Provider”- ShrinkPro, Inc. DBA New England Shrinkwrap, DBA The Boat Guys

“Customer”- The person completing this form as the responsible contracting party.

“Services”- The products and services contracted as outlined in the “Boat Shrinkwrap Contract and Work Order”

1.) Shrink Wrap Service Schedule:  

Scheduling of shrink wrap installation is subject to change due to weather considerations (sustained winds no greater than 10mph and free from any form of precipitation) and is at the discretion of the Service Provider.  Your boat will be covered in the order that it was scheduled and may be subject to delay due to weather.  Typically your boat will be shrink wrapped within 7 to 14 days of your letting us know that it is ready and we can only give an estimate service date once you let us know your boat is ready to be covered.  This contract will remain in effect until completion of the shrink wrap installation or by cancellation within one week of the scheduled service date by either the Customer or Service Provider and any deposit will be refunded unless notice is given less than one week from the scheduled service date, in which case ShrinkPro, Inc reserves the right to retain the deposit.

2.) Shrink Wrap Cover Warranty:  

A shrink wrap cover is temporary.  Unless otherwise specified, your shrink wrap cover will be installed using 8mil, white, virgin resin shrink wrap plastic with maximum UV inhibitor for optimum durability during the storage period.  The shrink wrap cover and all components of the framework will be new and will meet or exceed industry standards and will be installed in a workmanlike manner.  The components of the shrink wrap cover, including all framework, support structure, and materials used as padding are your property and responsibility once the installation is complete and it is up to you to properly recycle and dispose of these materials.

We offer no warranty beyond that of the manufacturers of the components of the shrink wrap cover and cannot guarantee the life of the cover beyond a period of 30 days from the date of installation and offer no guarantee against severe weather events, acts of God, and other force majeure or tampering or alteration by anyone other than a ShrinkPro, Inc staff member.  Because the weather is beyond our control, damage may occur to the cover that may render it ineffective.  If damage occurs to your shrink wrap cover as the result of a severe weather event during storage, you should immediately notify ShrinkPro, Inc (DBA The Boat Guys, DBA New England Shrinkwrap) so arrangements can be made to assess the damage and perform repairs if appropriate.  Any repair work will incur an additional charge for time and materials used.  

Your shrink wrap cover will be adequately vented to allow passive airflow to reduce the potential for mold or mildew growth under the cover during the storage period.  This does not mean that your boat will not have mold or mildew present when the cover is removed as moisture that is present in any portion of the vessel (bilges, holds, compartments, etc) at the time it is covered may result in moisture condensing under the cover and causing mold or mildew before the passive airflow is able to evaporate the moisture. We suggest removing all items that may hold moisture, including life preservers, buckets, sponges, clothing & towels, open beverage containers, carpets, cushions, dock lines, and any other item that may hold liquid.  We also suggest propping open compartments and hatches with foam blocks to allow airflow.  The use of moisture absorbing products or mildew gas bags is strongly recommended for enclosed spaces such as heads and cabins.

3.) Storage Duration:

    If you are storing your boat beyond the winter storage season (typically a 6 month period) or are transporting the boat over the roadway, railway, or waterways, please notify us in advance so we can take appropriate measures, at an additional charge if applicable, to make sure your cover will meet the expectation for that situation.

4.) Damage:

    ShrinkPro, Inc (DBA New England Shrinkwrap, DBA The Boat Guys) shall be held harmless by the Customer and/or third parties from all claims arising from any loss or damage to any boat hardware, parts, carpets, clear vinyl or acrylic enclosures, vinyl seats, canvas enclosures, zippers, snaps, canvas tops, brackets, mounting hardware, rails, swim platforms, or other components of the vessel the integrity of which part may have been compromised by prior normal wear or due to a lack of preventative maintenance (whether direct, indirect, or consequential, except in the event of gross negligence) in the installation of the shrink wrap by the Service Provider which may arise from the provision of the Services.  If you have preexisting damage please list in the “Pre-Existing Damage” section in the Boat Shrink Wrap Contract & Work Order.  If during our shrink wrap installation we find damage to your vessel we will take note of it, photograph it if possible, and bring it to your attention.  

Damage may occur to finished wood or painted surfaces and we would suggest that you cover any varnished, painted, or otherwise finished wood, fiberglass, or other material that may come in contact with the shrink wrap plastic. Some of these finished surfaces may be damaged by condensation forming on the inside of the shrink wrap cover and running down the inside of the cover and coming in contact with these finished surfaces if there are holes, cracks, or other areas of the finish that are compromised.  

The Service Provider shall also be held harmless against damage to the vessel that may occur as a result of the shrink wrap cover and/or the framework being compromised by a severe weather event, act of God, or other force majeure.  

5.) Marina Policy:

   It is your responsibility to clear with your marina, boat yard, or other facility at which your boat will be located when we perform the shrink wrap installation service prior to our arrival at that facility.  It is our policy that we do not share the information contained in the Boat Shrink Wrap Contract & Work Order with third parties, including these facilities.  We will not submit invoices to third parties nor will we pay a fee to any marina, boat yard, or other facility to be allowed on site to perform the installation of the shrink wrap on your vessel.  

6.) Payments & Refunds:

Payment for all services is due in full upon completion.  All services must be reserved by paying a deposit of $150.00 at the time the Boat Shrink Wrap Contract & Work Order is submitted with the balance to be paid immediately upon completion via PayPal or major credit card.  If payment is to be made by check, a check in the full amount must be submitted on or prior to the date of service.  All deposits are refundable up to one week prior to the service date and thereafter any refund will be at the discretion of the Service Provider.

7.) Removal & Recycling of Cover:

As outlined above, the shrink wrap cover and all components used for padding and the support structure are your property and should be disposed of and recycled properly.  The shrink wrap plastic should be recycled through the program that marinas participate in.  If you wish to have your cover removed and recycled by the Service Provider, this service may be available at an additional charge.

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